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You take a holistic approach with your beauty

That's because you understand the health of your skin is not just about the skin care products you use – it’s about caring for yourself as a whole.

You love learning about wellness and enjoy discovering what works best for your unique needs.

You’re no longer interested in band-aid fixes that cover up your perceived 'age marks' and ‘flaws’.

You’re tired of seeing airbrushed and photoshopped models promoting products that promise to turn back the hands of time.

Who is setting those frustratingly unrealistic, narrowly-defined and arbitrary beauty standards anyway?


You’d rather use natural products that inspire you to feel confident and comfortable being exactly who you are.

You want a simple 5-minute beauty ritual so you can spend more time doing what you love - like spending time with your pets and kids.

And, if you can find a brand that loves animals as much as you do, well, that would be a bonus!


Express the real you with my skin care range

Geraldine and Pierre

Hi, I'm Geraldine, one half of Geraldine Pierre Skin Care.
The other half is Pierre, my furry co-founder and Poodle extraordinaire.

We’ve created a range of natural, handmade skin care products in Australia which supports real, untampered beauty.

You get to: 

Define beauty on your terms without feeling judged. Celebrate your age, individuality and femininity. Be your confident and natural best.

You can finally free yourself from complicated routines and anti-ageing promises. In doing so, Pierre and I hope you'll feel moved to appreciate yourself, just as you are.

The philosophy behind each product is to be kind and gentle to your skin, and think about your skin in the long-term.

And because you take a holistic approach with your beauty, each product description contains a special message to help you explore your emotional and spiritual state in that moment.

The range is also accredited by:

Like you, we support beauty without cruelty and want to see the industry end all forms of animal testing.

Find out what my products can do for you.