You want to age gracefully

You’re tired of seeing perfectly airbrushed and photoshopped models promoting those frustratingly unrealistic, narrowly-defined and arbitrary beauty standards. Who is setting those standards anyway?

You're not interested in short-term Band-Aid fixes and products to hide your 'age marks' and ‘flaws’. You love that your skin reflects how you've fully lived, loved and learned!

For you, ageing gracefully is not about using skin care products that promise to turn back the hands of time.

Instead, it's about acknowledging that ageing is a privilege and a luxury which not every woman gets to experience. It's nothing to shy away from.

And, it's about choosing your own definition of beauty.



You want products that celebrate your beauty

...without making you feel you need to be someone you're not.

Because when you FEEL good and are unabashedly you, you LOOK good (it's not the other way around).

Feeling good means you're caring for your wellbeing as a whole and not just spending hours applying beauty products to your skin. You only have a few minutes and not hours anyway.

You understand your skin is a barometer for what you’re going through physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, the products you're seeking need to support your holistic health.



Express the real you with my skin care range

Hi, I'm Geraldine, one half of Geraldine Pierre Skin Care.

The other half is Pierre, my furry co-founder and Poodle extraordinaire.

We’ve created a range of natural and handmade skin care products in Australia which supports real beauty.

Your new beauty ritual (AKA your twice daily love note to your skin) looks like this:

Natural products that have been personally blessed to inspire you to feel confident and celebrate being exactly who you are.

Simple to use products that are versatile enough to use on your face, body, hands and feet.

Conscious and ethical products to support your stance on beauty without cruelty. Like you, we want to see the industry end all forms of animal testing too.

You can finally free yourself from long and complicated routines, and anti-ageing promises. In doing so, Pierre and I hope you'll feel moved to appreciate yourself, just as you are.

The range is also accredited by:



A kind and gentle approach to skin care

The philosophy behind each product is to be kind and gentle to your skin, and to think about it in the long-term.

Each and every day, you get to show your skin gratitude, love and compassion for the many functions it performs.

Think of how hard it works for you on a daily basis!

Each product description also contains a special message to help you explore your emotional and spiritual state in that moment.

Your beauty ritual can transcend the physical act of caring for your skin to caring for your state of being.

Think of it as a moving meditation as you flow from using one product to the next. Of course, this meditation can look different each day, depending on how you feel and how you evolve.

So every morning is your chance to set the tone for a new day. And every evening, reflect on your day and then let it go.

Regardless of what unfolds throughout your day, you can always infuse your beauty ritual with intention and meaning, and consciously create a moment of self-care and self-love.