Regulatory services for cosmetic labelling beauty products in Australia

Australian cosmetics labelling is not your forte

You’ve finally finished developing and testing your boutique range of cosmetic products and they’ve all passed with flying colours.

You’re now excited to launch your products in Australia and share them with your customers.

You know they can make a difference to your customers and help them feel more positive about their skin, beauty and wellbeing.

But before you make your first batch, you need to write your product labels.

So you and your copywriter have been poring over government websites for weeks (or even months) trying to make sense of all the regulations and guidelines.

And the more you find, the more confusing and convoluted it seems.
Nothing about this process feels simple and it’s stressing you out.

You also have doubts as to whether you’re looking at all the right websites.

And since your products need to comply with up to 10 different pieces of legislation and guidelines in Australia, that’s definitely possible.

You’ve had a go at drafting your own labels and hope you’ve interpreted the guidelines and legislation correctly…but you’re not sure.

Can I say my products are all-natural?
What types of benefits can I state?
Am I using the correct ingredient names?
Do I need expiry dates?
And can I avoid putting my home address on the labels?

This has already taken up too much of your time but you don’t feel confident to give your printer the go-ahead.

You can’t afford the risk of getting your labelling wrong. The costs of rewriting, redesigning and reprinting are too expensive and will subsequently delay your launch.

Where do you go from here?

Get clarity, comfort and peace of mind

Hi, I’m Geraldine from Geraldine Pierre Skin Care.

I would love to give you clarity, comfort and peace of mind that your cosmetic labels are compliant with Australian regulations. This will free you up to spend time doing what you do best – dazzling your customers with your fabulous products.

I specialise in cosmetics regulations in Australia and have had a love affair with auditing and compliance for over 10 years and experience with Australian cosmetics regulations for over 2 years.

Here are the services I offer.


Custom Services

If you're seeking assistance that doesn’t fit into any of the above services or would like a combination of the services above, a custom package can be arranged.

Interested in a custom package? Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and request a quote.